Name Title Email Phone Web site
Albers, Melissa Kitchen Email 920-492.2940
Allen, Jennifer Grade 6 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4111 Web site
Bachman, Lori Counselor Email 920.492.2945 ext.4322 Web site
Becker, Erica Fine Art and Design Instructor Email 920.492.2955 ext.5135 Web site
Benter, Tabitha Kitchen Email 920.492.2940
Bernath, Jamie Grade 6 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4112 Web site
Blindauer, Jolene Phy Ed Email 920.492.2945 ext.4621 Web site
Bruss, Julie Spanish Email 920.492.2925 ext.6110 Web site
Butler, Sean Grade 7 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4319 Web site
Carter, Brian Associate Principal Email 920.492.2945 ext.4002 Web site
Ceman, Michael Grade 7/8 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4311 Web site
Chada, Sarah Grade 6 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4113 Web site
Charapata, Theresa Grade 6 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4107 Web site
Chepy-Gonzalez, Jill Spanish Email 920.492.2945 ext.4117 Web site
Coenen, Alan Grade 8 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4312 Web site
Conradt, Scott Grade 7 & 8 / Activities Director Email 492- 2945 ext.4327 Cell 562-5549 Web site
Craig, Sherry Phy Ed & Health Email 920.492.2945 ext.4221 Web site
Danen, Deb Library Email 920.492.2945 ext.4011 Web site
DeCaster, Kathy Office Email 920.492.2945 ext.4000
Dillenberg, Amy Social Worker Email 920.492.2905 ext.1013 Web site
Eggener, Janice Library Email 920.492.2945 ext.4010 Web site
Felton, Carla At Risk Email 920.492.2945 ext.4310 Web site
Flinchum, Eileen Support Staff Email 920.492.2945 ext.4004
Gehring, Lori GLOBE Email 920.492.2945 ext.4119 Web site
Genovese, Kristin Grade 7/8 ELA Email 920.492.2945 x4210 Web site
Gerrior, Melissa Art Email 920.492.2945 ext.4212 Web site
Graef, Joellen Special Ed Teacher Choices Classroom Parkview Email 920.492.2945 ext.4206 Web site
Gray, Aja Special Ed Email 920.492.2940
Hamacher, Alison Literacy Coach Email 920.492.2940 Web site
Hanna, Jenny Music Email 920.492.2945 ext.4201 Web site
Hansen, Colleen Grade 8 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4303 Web site
Hansen, Corey Tech Ed Email 920.492.2945 ext.4630 Web site
Herrscher, Sara Special Ed Email 920.492.2955 ext.5157 Web site
Herzog, Dave Grade 6 & 7 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4110 Web site
Heyrman, Nancy Kitchen Email 920.492.2940
Hucek, Kris Principal Email 920.492.2945 ext.4003 Web site
Jenson, Stacy Special Ed Email 920.492.2945 ext.4326 Web site
Jones, Gina Grade 6 and 8 Instructor Email 920.492.2945 ext. 4116 Web site
Kershek, Laurie ELL Email 920.492.2945 ext.4329 Web site
Kindler, Connie Grade 8 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4307 Web site
Kuchta, Michelle Music Email 920.492.2945 ext.4202 Web site
Kumhala, Crissy Special Ed Email 920.492.2945 ext.4514 Web site
LaFortune, Carol Noon Duty Email 920-492-2940
Lasee, Jamie Spanish Email 920.492.2945 ext. 4118 or 920.492.2935 ext.3102 Web site
Layden, Phillip Tech Ed Email 920.492.2945 ext.4214 Web site
LeSage, Sue Kitchen Email 920.492.2940
Ludwig, Lois Kitchen Email 920.492.2945 ext.4005
Meinel, Andrew Phy Ed Email 920.492.2945 ext.4220 Web site
Mellberg, Steve Grade 6 & 7 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4108 Web site
Moody, Bryanna Grade 8 Careers, Music Email 920.492.2945 ext.4203 Web site
Morinelli, Laura Noon Duty Email 920.492.2940
Motto, Kristy Food Service Email 920-492-2940
Oberstadt, Jean FACE Email 920.492.2940
Orsburn, Ann Special Ed Email 920.492.2945 ext.4518
Page, Katie Office Email 920.492.2945 x4001
Page, Molly Noon Duty Email 920.492.2940
Phillips, Brenda Grade 6 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4106 Web site
Ramer, Charity German, EL, Careers Email 920.492.2945 ext.4102 Web site
Raymaker, Scott Custodian Email 920.492.2945 ext.4517
Reynolds, George Art Email 920.492.2955 ext.5147 Web site
Robinson, Dawn FACE Email 920.492.2945 ext.4208 Web site
Schenk, Jodie Grade 6 & 7 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4109 Web site
Schroeder, Mary Lunch Email 920.492.2925 ext.6151
Sheehy, Brittany Special Education Email 920.492.2045 ext.4504 Web site
Smits, Michael Grade 8 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4309 Web site
Sturzl, Jean Math Email 920.492.2945 x4107 Web site
Swille, Randy Grade 7 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4313 Web site
Talus, Vanessa Special Ed Email 920.492.2945 ext.4104 Web site
Thome, Wendy Kitchen Email 920.492.2940
Thompson, Douglas Grade 8 Math Email 920.492.2945 ext.4302 Web site
Treml, Kimberly Phy Ed Email 920.492.2945 ext.4620 Web site
Van Gheem, Kevin Science Email 920.492.2955 ext.5115 Web site
Van Laanen, Susie Kitchen Email 920.492.2940
Weyers, Carolyn Support Staff Email 920.492.2940
Williams, Denise Grade 7 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4317 Web site
Wills, Renee Special Ed Email 920.492.2945 ext.4509 Web site
Wilquet, Tom Custodian Email 920.492.2945 ext.4217
Wojtyla, Matthew Grade 8 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4306 Web site