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Immediately below is contact information and a staff directory for the District Office. Further down on the page is contact info for each school, along with a district-wide, searchable staff directory.




  Ashwaubenon School District   Hours
  1055 Griffiths Lane   Mon-Thu: 7:30a-4:00p
  Ashwaubenon, WI 54304  

Fri: 7:30a-3:30p

  Phone: 920.492.2900  

Summers (mid-June to mid-August)

  Auto Attendant: 920.492.2905  

Mon-Thu: 7:30a-4:00p

  Fax: 920.492.2911  

Fri: 7:30a-12:00p



Name Title Email Phone
Averbeck, Jamie Instructional Technology Coordinator Email 920.492.2955 ext.5355
Beining, MaryJo Nurse Email 920.492.2905 ext.1027
Bessette, Rebecca Business, Busing, Food Service Secretary Email 920.492.2905 ext.1006
Blinstrub, Kitty Payroll Email 920.492.2905 ext.1007
Bower, Jennifer Superintendent & School Board Secretary Email 920.492.2905 ext.1002
Cherney, Chris Literacy Coach Email 920.492.2925 ext.6143
Deuster, Jane Physical Therapist Email 920.492.2935 ext.3107
Doherty, Barb Bookkeeper Email 920.492.2905 ext.1008
Doherty, Verne Custodian Email 920.492.2905 x1020
Farah, Betsy Child Nutrition Coordinator Email 920.492.2905 ext.1009
Fazzini, Ruth Pupil Services Program Coordinator Email 920.492.2905 ext.1015
Geurts, Stephanie Occupational Therapist Email 920.492.2925 ext.6139
Hanes, Brian Superintendent Email 920.492.2905 ext.1003
Kieslich, Jill Curriculum & Instruction Director Email 920.492.2905 ext.1019
Knuth, Chris Technology Email 920.492.2955 ext.5656
Lampereur, Tammy Director of Pupil Services Email 920.492.2905 ext.1010
Lohrentz, Kelly Native American Liaison, Social Worker Email 920.492.2925 ext.6199
Lucius, Keith Assistant Superintendent, Business Director Email 920.492.2905 ext.1005
Malone-VanDalen, Molly Pupil Services Secretary Email 920.492.2905 ext.1011
O'Brien, Kathy Coordinator of Community Volunteers Email 920.492.2905 x2005
Pierce, Nancy Curriculum & Instruction Secretary, Receptionist Email 920.492.2905 ext.1000
Reichenberger, Andrea Literacy Email 920.492.2955 ext.5206
Rupp-Kilgore, Bob Psychologist Email 920.492.2905 ext.1016
Schmitt, Hank Energy Email 920.492.2905 ext.1012
Schmitt, Thomas Building & Grounds Coordinator Email 920.492.2905 x1018
Schroeder, Mandy Technology Integration Coach Email 920.492.2955 ext.5856
Smits, Jody Human Resources Coordinator Email 920.492.2905 ext.1004
Sullivan, Evan Technology Email 920.492.2955 ext.5756
Taylor, Brad Information Coordinator Email 920.492.2905 ext.1017
Truskowski, Scott Technology Email 920.492.2955 ext.5356



  Contact Us & Hours




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Name Title Email Phone Web site
Loewenhagen, Michelle Grade 2 Email 920.492.2935 ext.3122 Web site
Lohrentz, Kelly Native American Liaison, Social Worker Email 920.492.2925 ext.6199
Lotto, Paul Business Email 920.492.2955 ext.5102 Web site
Lubinski, Lauren Music Email 920.492.2925 ext.6153 Web site
Lucius, Keith Assistant Superintendent, Business Director Email 920.492.2905 ext.1005
Ludwig, Lois Kitchen Email 920.492.2945 ext.4005
Luebke, Bob Kitchen Email 920.492.2955 ext.5342
Luneau, Linda Support Staff Email 920.492.2930
Maccaux, Kathy Kitchen Email 920.492.2925 ext.6161
Madison, Jodie Speech & Language Pathologist Email 920.448.2875 ext.7201 Web site
Malnor, Lisa Office Email 920.492.2955 ext.5301
Malone-VanDalen, Molly Pupil Services Secretary Email 920.492.2905 ext.1011
Mandich, Joy Noon Duty Email 920.492.2930
Manning, Mara Art Email 920.492.2955 ext.5135 Web site
Marcks, Helen Office Email 920.492.2955 ext.5335
Marcks, Jay Grade 5 Email 920.492.2925 ext.6150 Web site
Marquardt, Scott English Email 920.492.2955 ext 5127 Web site
Martinez, Javier Custodian Email 920.492.2950
Marto, Kirsten Grade 4 Email 920.492.2935 ext.3313 Web site
Marto, Peter Principal Email 920.492.2925 ext.6102 Web site
Mathu, Nadine Library Media Specialist, A.H.S. Email 920.492.2955 ext.5313 Web site
Matuszak, Paula Noon Duty Email 920.492.2930
McComb, Arin Grade 3 Email 920.492.2925 ext.6115 Web site
Meinel, Andrew Phy Ed Email 920.492.2945 ext.4220 Web site
Meinel, Diane Music Email 920.492.2935 ext.3325 Web site
Mellberg, Steve Grade 6 & 7 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4108 Web site
Messamore, Amy Grade 4 Email 920.492.2925 ext.6138 Web site
Meyer, Jeremie Tech Ed Email 920.492.2955 x5145 Web site
Michalski, Michael School Counselor Email 920.492.2935 ext.3317 Web site
Miller, Dana Grade K Email 920.448-2875 ext.7122 Web site
Miller, Eric Phy Ed Email 920.492.2955 ext.5623 Web site
Miller, Mary Keyboard/Computer Email 920.492-2945 ext.4630 Web site
Miller, Missy Grade 3 Email 920.492.2920 ext.6106 Web site
Millett, Rodney Grade 3 Email 920.492.2935 ext.3205 Web site
Mommaerts, Adam GLOBE Email 920.492.2935 ext.3310 Web site
Mommaerts, Eric Social Studies Email 920.492.2955 x5229 Web site
Moody, Bryanna Grade 8 Careers, Music Email 920.492.2945 ext.4203 Web site
Moran, April Grade K Email 920.448-2875 ext.7118 Web site
Morinelli, Laura Noon Duty Email 920.492.2940
Motto, Kristy Food Service Email 920-448-2870
Mrozinski, Fran Special Ed Email 920.492.2955 ext.2086
Mrozinski, Peggy Support Staff Email 920.492.2955 ext.2066
Muckerheide, Amy Special Ed Email 920.492.2955 ext.5211 Web site
Mulloy, Gary Custodian Email 920.492.2955 ext.2069
Nelsen, Brian AHS Principal Email 920.492.2955 ext.5334
Nelson, Jennifer Spanish Email 920.492.2935 ext.3308 Web site
Nenahlo, Cheri Office Email 920.492.2925 ext.6101
Ness, Susie Spanish Email 920.492.2955 ext.5205 Web site
Nesvacil, Maureen Noon Duty Email 920.448.2870
Newhouse, Cheryl Office Email 920.492.2955 ext.5337
Nitti, Dawn Early Childhood Email 920.448.2875 xTBD Web site
Nolan, Constant Grade 2 Email 920.492.2935 ext.3118 Web site
O'Brien, Kathy Coordinator of Community Volunteers Email 920.492.2905 x2005
O'Brien, Rachel ELL Email 920.492.2925 ext.6198 Web site
Oberstadt, Jean FACE Email 920.492.2940
Oberstadt, Megan Spanish Email 920.492.2955 ext.5203 Web site
Olbrantz, Susan Food Service Email 920-492-2935 ext.3134
Orsburn, Ann Special Ed Email 920.492.2945 ext.4518
Ourada, Brenda Grade 3 Email 920.492.2935 ext.3202 Web site
Pahl, James Math Email 920.492.2955 ext.5214 Web site
Pasqualucci, Andrea Social Worker Email 920.492.2935 ext.3323
Patrick, Lauren Grade 1 Email 920.492.2935 ext.3105 Web site
Patterson, Deb Literacy Support Email 920.492.2935 ext.3042 Web site
Patzke, Julie Phy Ed Email 920.492.2935 ext.3362 Web site
Paul, Amanda ELL Email 920.492.2935 x3301 Web site
Pavlik, Jan Grade 4K Email 920.448-2875 ext.7206 Web site
Penza, Don Police Liaison Email 920.492.2955 ext.5315
Penza, Kevin Special Ed Email 920-492-2955 ext.5159 Web site
Perrigo, Mark Noon Duty Email
Peterson, Perry Custodian Email 920.492.2925 ext.6357
Phillips, Brenda Grade 6 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4106 Web site
Phillips, Jan Special Ed Email 920.492.2925 ext.6129 Web site
Phillips, Kevin Phy Ed Email 920.492.2955 ext.5613 Web site
Pierce, Nancy Curriculum & Instruction Secretary, Receptionist Email 920.492.2905 ext.1000
Pludeman, Kathy Grades 6 & 7 Teacher Email 920.492.2940 Web site
Pratt, Jennifer Special Ed Email 920.492.2955 ext 5118 Web site
Preston, Shelley APPL Email 920.492.2920
Radloff, Debra Noon Duty Email 920.448.2870
Ramer, Charity German, Careers Email 920.492.2945 ext.4102 Web site
Raymaker, Scott Custodian Email 920.492.2945 ext.4517
Reichenberger, Andrea Literacy Email 920.492.2955 ext.5206 Web site
Rennes, Ellen Kitchen Email 920.492.2955 ext.5342
Reynolds, Polly Art Specialist Email 920.492.2935 ext.3146 Web site
Ribbens, Dirk Asst.Principal Email 920.492.2955 ext.5332 Web site
Richlen, Rhonda Spanish Email 920.492.2935 ext.3115 Web site
Riederer, Sharon Grade 4K Email 920.448.2875 ext.7657 Web site
Roberts, Greg Business Email 920.492.2955 ext.5111 Web site
Robinson, Dawn FACE Email 920.492.2945 ext.4208 Web site
Rocheleau, Bernie Social Studies Email 920.492.2955 ext.5165 Web site
Roethle, Molly Grade 2 Email 920.492.2935 ext.3120 Web site
Roethlisberger, Lori ELL/Spanish Email 920.492.2925 ext.6112 Web site
Rogge, Karen Noon Duty Email
Rolling, Kathy Library Email 920.448.2875 ext.7113 Web site
Rosenberg, Terry Special Ed Email 920.492.2955 ext.5329 Web site
Roskom, Lisa Special Education Teacher Email 920.492.2935 ext.3341 Web site
Ross, Terri Lunch Email 920.448.2870
Rottier, Mitchell Math Email 920.492.2955 ext.5417 Web site
Rowell, Laura Noon Duty Email 920.448.2870
Rupp-Kilgore, Bob Psychologist Email 920.492.2905 ext.1016
Salamone, Angela Special Ed Email 920.492.2925 ext.6417
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