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Immediately below is contact information and a staff directory for the District Office. Further down on the page is contact info for each school, along with a district-wide, searchable staff directory.




  Ashwaubenon School District   Hours
  1055 Griffiths Lane   Mon-Thu: 7:30a-4:00p
  Ashwaubenon, WI 54304  

Fri: 7:30a-3:30p

  Phone: 920.492.2900  

Summers (mid-June to mid-August)

  Auto Attendant: 920.492.2905  

Mon-Thu: 7:30a-4:00p

  Fax: 920.492.2911  

Fri: 7:30a-12:00p



Name Title Email Phone
Averbeck, Jamie Instructional Technology Coordinator Email 920.492.2955 ext.5355
Beining, MaryJo Nurse Email 920.492.2905 ext.1027
Bessette, Rebecca Business, Busing, Food Service Secretary Email 920.492.2905 ext.1006
Blinstrub, Kitty Payroll Email 920.492.2905 ext.1007
Bower, Jennifer Superintendent & School Board Secretary Email 920.492.2905 ext.1002
Cherney, Chris Literacy Coach Email 920.492.2925 ext.6143
Deuster, Jane Physical Therapist Email 920.492.2935 ext.3107
Doherty, Barb Bookkeeper Email 920.492.2905 ext.1008
Doherty, Verne Custodian Email 920.492.2905 x1020
Farah, Betsy Child Nutrition Coordinator Email 920.492.2905 ext.1009
Fazzini, Ruth Pupil Services Program Coordinator Email 920.492.2905 ext.1015
Geurts, Stephanie Occupational Therapist Email 920.492.2925 ext.6139
Hanes, Brian Superintendent Email 920.492.2905 ext.1003
Kieslich, Jill Curriculum & Instruction Director Email 920.492.2905 ext.1019
Knuth, Chris Technology Email 920.492.2955 ext.5656
Lampereur, Tammy Director of Pupil Services Email 920.492.2905 ext.1010
Lohrentz, Kelly Native American Liaison, Social Worker Email 920.492.2925 ext.6199
Lucius, Keith Assistant Superintendent, Business Director Email 920.492.2905 ext.1005
Malone-VanDalen, Molly Pupil Services Secretary Email 920.492.2905 ext.1011
O'Brien, Kathy Coordinator of Community Volunteers Email 920.492.2905 x2005
Pierce, Nancy Curriculum & Instruction Secretary, Receptionist Email 920.492.2905 ext.1000
Reichenberger, Andrea Literacy Email 920.492.2955 ext.5206
Rupp-Kilgore, Bob Psychologist Email 920.492.2905 ext.1016
Schmitt, Hank Energy Email 920.492.2905 ext.1012
Schmitt, Thomas Building & Grounds Coordinator Email 920.492.2905 x1018
Schroeder, Mandy Technology Integration Coach Email 920.492.2955 ext.5856
Smits, Jody Human Resources Coordinator Email 920.492.2905 ext.1004
Sullivan, Evan Technology Email 920.492.2955 ext.5756
Taylor, Brad Information Coordinator Email 920.492.2905 ext.1017
Truskowski, Scott Technology Email 920.492.2955 ext.5356



  Contact Us & Hours




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Name Title Email Phone Web site
Albrent, Dan Science Email 920.492.2955 ext.5180 Web site
Allen, Jennifer Grade 6 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4111 Web site
Amenson, Mary Grade 4 Email 920.492.2925 ext.6136 Web site
Andersen, Maria APPL Email 920.492.2920
Anderson, Doug Grade 3 Email 920.492.2925 ext.6114 Web site
Anderson, Lisa Grade 3 Email 920.492.2935 ext.3103 Web site
Arena, Maria Principal Email 920.448-2875 ext.7002 Web site
Arndt, Sherie Special Ed Email 920.492.2955 ext.5158 Web site
Austin, Dawn Library Email 920.492-2925 ext.6135 Web site
Averbeck, Allison Special Ed Email 920.492.2935 ext.3106 Web site
Averbeck, Jamie Instructional Technology Coordinator Email 920.492.2955 ext.5355 Web site
Bachman, Lori Counselor Email 920.492.2945 ext.4322 Web site
Baenen, Kelly Library Email 920.492.2925 ext.6335
Baganz, Allison Grade K Email 920.448-2875 ext.7103 Web site
Bake, Andy Associate Principal Email 920.492.2935 ext.3003 Web site
Banks, Leigh Grade K Email 920.448.2875 ext.7102 Web site
Barnhart, Thomas Tech Ed Email 920.492.2955 ext.5142 Web site
Becker, Amy Grade 3 Email 920.492.2925 ext.6116 Web site
Becker, Erica Art, Careers Email 920.492.2955 ext.5147 Web site
Beimer, Heidi Counselor Email 920.492.2955 ext.5394 Web site
Beining, MaryJo Nurse Email 920.492.2905 ext.1027
Beining, Steve Custodian Email 920.492.2935 ext.3131
Bellile, Lisa Special Education Teacher Email 920.492.2925 ext.6215 Web site
Beno, Donna Noon Duty Email 920.492.2920
Beno, Jean Kitchen Email 920.492.2925 ext.6161
Bernath, Jamie Grade 6 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4112 Web site
Berth, Roger Custodian Email 920.492.2955 ext.5366
Bertrand, Michelle Food Service Email 920.492.2940
Bessette, Rebecca Business, Busing, Food Service Secretary Email 920.492.2905 ext.1006
Blazek, Karen Office Email 920.492.2935 x3004
Blindauer, Jolene Phy Ed Email 920.492.2945 ext.4621 Web site
Blinstrub, Kitty Payroll Email 920.492.2905 ext.1007
Bock, Ann Social Studies Email 920.492.2955 ext.5227 Web site
Bottei, Kelley Teacher Email 920.448.2870 Web site
Boucher, Jackie Special Ed Email 920.492.2925 ext.6330
Bower, Jennifer Superintendent & School Board Secretary Email 920.492.2905 ext.1002
Boyle, Sim Counselor Email 920.492.2955 ext.5396 Web site
Brauer, Amy Grade K Email 920.448-2875 ext.7105 Web site
Brusky, Kathy FCS Email 920.492-2955 ext.5114 Web site
Bruss, Julie Spanish Email 920.492.2925 ext.6110 Web site
Bunkleman, Amy Social Studies Email 920.492.2955 ext.5228 Web site
Burns, Cassandra Math Email 920.492.2955 ext.5212 Web site
Bushmaker, Kellie Support Staff Email 920.492.2930
Butler, Sean Grade 7 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4319 Web site
Byng, Lisa Kitchen Email 920.492.2955 x5342
Calaway, Toni Noon Duty Email 920.492.2920
Callahan, Allison Kindergarten Email 920.492.2925 ext.6224 Web site
Capelle, Jeffrey Kitchen Email 920.492.2955 ext.5342
Carstens, Jill Grade K Email 920.448-2875 ext.7104 Web site
Carter, Brian Associate Principal Email 920.492.2945 ext.4002 Web site
Cayemberg, William Social Studies Email 920.492.2955 ext.5230 Web site
Ceman, Michael Grade 7/8 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4311 Web site
Chada, Sarah Grade 6 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4113 Web site
Charapata, Theresa Grade 6 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4107 Web site
Chepy-Gonzalez, Jill Spanish Email 920.492.2945 ext.4117 Web site
Cherney, Chris Literacy Coach Email 920.492.2925 ext.6143 Web site
Christensen, Patti Music Email 920.492.2935 ext.3327 Web site
Christensen, Paula Family Resouce Center & APPL Email 920.492.2925 ext.6139
Ciha, Andrea Grade 3 Email 920.492.2935 ext.3304 Web site
Clark, Tim Special Ed Email 920.492.2955 ext.5357 Web site
Coenen, Alan Grade 8 Email 920.492.2945 ext.4312 Web site
Collins, Kari Kitchen Email 920.492.2955 ext.5342
Conradt, Brenda Grade 2 Email 920.492.2925 ext.6214 Web site
Conradt, Scott Grade 7 & 8 / Activities Director Email 492- 2945 ext.4327 Cell 562-5549 Web site
Contee, Regina Noon Duty Email 920.492.2930
Cook, Francine German/ELL Email 920.492.2955 ext.5162 Web site
Corkin, Mary Support Staff Email 920.492.2935 ext.3104
Craig, Sherry Phy Ed & Health Email 920.492.2945 ext.4221 Web site
Crutcher, Claire Grade K Email 920.448-2875 ext.7124 Web site
Danen, Deb Library Email 920.492.2945 ext.4011 Web site
De Roach, Lynne Library Email 920.492.2935 x3312
DeBroux, Dean Alt School Email 920.492.2955 ext.5610 Web site
DeCaster, Kathy Office Email 920.492.2945 ext.4000
DeJardin, Rochelle Special Ed Email 920.492.2955 ext.5327 Web site
Dehnel, Lynn Science Email 920.492.2955 ext.5275 Web site
Dembroski, Heather 4K Email 920.448.2870
Demeny, Kim English Email 920.492.2955 ext.5132 Web site
Demerath, Sara Grade 1 Email 920.492.2935 ext.3219 Web site
Dernbach, Tammi Special Ed Email 920.492.2955 ext.5358 Web site
Derosier, Kristy Special Ed Email 920.492.2955 ext.5129
Destree, Tori Support Staff Email 920.448.2870
Deuster, Jane Physical Therapist Email 920.492.2935 ext.3107
Dickman, Juli Kitchen Email 920.492.2955 ext.5342
Dietzler, Jessica Special Ed Email 920.492.2935 ext.3603
Dillenberg, Amy Social Worker Email 920.492.2905 ext.1013 Web site
Doherty, Barb Bookkeeper Email 920.492.2905 ext.1008
Doherty, Lora Noon Duty Email 920.492.2930
Doherty, Verne Custodian Email 920.492.2905 x1020
Dolan-Wallace, Barbara Grade 5 Email 920.492.2925 ext.6154 Web site
Drall, Helen Kitchen Email 920.492.2940
Dreier, Jason Social Studies Email 920.492.2955 ext.5231 Web site
Dunlap, Jackie Police Liaison Email 920.492.2935 ext.3007 Web site
Eggener, Janice Library Email 920.492.2945 ext.4010 Web site
Ehrfurth, Christina Grade 1 Email 920.492.2925 ext.6222 Web site
Elder, Doreen Grade K Email 920.448-2875 ext.7117 Web site
Engebos, Linda Noon Duty Email 920.492.2940
Engeldinger, Tammi Grade 4 Email 920.492.2925 ext.6140 Web site
Engles, Moira Kitchen Email 920.492.2935 ext.3134
Estel, Kari Grade 4K Email 920-448-2870 Web site
Evrard, Krista Alt School Email 920.492.2955 ext.5611 Web site
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